At Bhejane Nature Training we develop Nature Guides and Conservation Entrepreneurs with a strong character and proud work ethic. Join us to become a part of the Zululand Conservation Legacy...

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Bhejane Nature TrainingProfessional Career Training for Nature Guides

Bhejane Nature Training provides Adventure and Environmental Awareness Courses, as well as Comprehensive Career training and specialist skills training for school leavers and guides in the fields of nature guiding and wildlife conservation.

Advanced Course A 3 year Nature Guiding and Wildlife Conservation Course... Read More
Marine Course A 7/12 week Marine and Coastal Guiding Course... Read More
Trails Course A 6 week Dangerous Game Trails Guide Course... Read More
Professional Nature Guide Course A 1 Year Professional Nature Guide Course... Read More

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Why Choose Bhejane

Bhejane Territory

Travel, Adventure and Exploration are trademarks of Bhejane Full Time Courses. Unlike many other provider’s most courses are not restricted to one camp, and students get the opportunity to explore the unique and varied biodiversity of Maputaland.

Beach and Bush

We are based in Northern KwaZulu Natal from where we explore the many unique terrestrial and marine ecosystems that Zululand and the Elephant Coast has to offer.


Our course prices typically includes more travel, adventure and qualifications than our competitors, yet we are amongst the most affordable. Prices are intentionally kept as low as possible to promote affordability for local students.

Unique approach

Bhejane has been industry leaders in promoting longer and more comprehensive courses that focus on proper career planning that is relevant to current and future industry changes.

The Bhejane Tribe!

Bhejane makes an effort to stay in touch with past students and to help them with advise throughout their careers! Our students have a proud history of supporting each other, on course and in the industry.

Students of Nature


"I did my Marine Guiding with Bhejane last year. After that I worked for Shaka Barker in St. Lucia, driving one of the small hippo and croc boats around the lake. For the last 3 months, I have been working on the Masoala Peninsula in Madagascar. It is truly another world. It is a rainforest beach lodge, so I get the best of both worlds. The marine life is amazing and what is incredible is that one can swim underwater any time of the day and hear the whales singing." - Beyers Stern