At Bhejane Nature Training we develop Nature Guides and Conservation Entrepreneurs with a strong character and proud work ethic. Join us to become a part of the Zululand Conservation Legacy...

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About Bhejane Nature Training

Bhejane Nature Training is owned and run by Dylan and Christa Panos and a passionate team of academic, field and camp staff.

Recognizing the need for accredited nature guide training providers in Northern KwaZulu Natal, Bhejane Nature Training was started in 2009 by Dylan and Christa. uBhejane is the Zulu name for the African Black Rhino, a flagship species for northern KwaZulu Natal.

At Bhejane we embrace the many opportunities that our rapidly changing world offer young people to change the attitudes and views of people toward natural systems and wildlife. We train our students to become forward thinking conservation entrepreneurs, not merely “jeep-jockeys” as guides are often referred to. To achieve this we focus on the amazing diversity around us, to seek out specialist and niche areas of guiding such as Frogging, Butterflying, Spider Safaris, Specialist Birding, Walking trails and Marine Guiding.

Bhejane Nature Training is the first training provider to launch a comprehensive career programme for guides, and our 3 year Advanced Nature Guiding and Wildlife Conservation programme, can be recognised as the most comprehensive training programme of its kind for nature guides. This programme focuses on both terrestrial and marine environments and prepares students for various possible career paths in the wildlife tourism and conservation industries.

We aim to provide students with a training and education environment that promotes internal growth and development beyond career goals. Our students are encouraged to become goal driven individuals with a strong character and proud work ethic. Read more about our past students and their career achievements on our blog.

The philosophy behind Bhejane Nature Training draws from the inspirational story of the Black Rhino in Zululand. The dedication, persistence and high standards of the KwaZulu Natal Game Rangers was the driving force behind the successful re-establishment of Black Rhino populations in South Africa. The Black Rhino represents a successful conservation effort, survival against all odds - led by pure passion and determination of these rangers. Bhejane is committed to training students to continue this conservation ethic.

Northern Zululand, is not only known for its rich tapestry of landscapes, history and wildlife, it is also an area of widespread poverty. At Bhejane we believe that no lasting conservation is possible without a conscious awareness of how the lives of local communities are affected by wildlife conservation. We actively seek sponsors to train local community members and also sponsor a number or students ourselves for different training courses each year. In fact, every paying student that takes part in any of our programmes by default becomes a sponsor to a local student from the surrounding community.