At Bhejane Nature Training we develop Nature Guides and Conservation Entrepreneurs with a strong character and proud work ethic. Join us to become a part of the Zululand Conservation Legacy...

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Conservation Experience and Environmental Awareness Courses

Beach and Bush Conservation Programme

Joining one of our Conservation Experience Programmes is great way to have a meaningful break, evaluate possible career options and contribute to the welfare of our wildlife. Join us for either 7 or 14 days, to participate in our Terrestrial and/or Marine Conservation Experience Programmes.

The programme is designed to ensure that you get the opportunity to learn about the real conservation challenges facing our natural heritage. The terrestrial component offers an opportunity to get involved in wildlife monitoring projects and the opportunity to get close to Africa's Big 5.

The Marine Component includes Rocky Shores Surveys, Diving and various Marine Conservation Projects.

Environmental Awareness Courses

Custom designed programmes for Student groups, Corporate groups, Clubs or anyone interested in attending a course in learning more about nature. Programmes have core components but are then adapted and revise to your requirements.

Ubuntu Wild

Ubuntu Wild is a Personal Development and Environmental Leadership Programme aimed mostly at young adults and teenagers. The programme can also be customized for more mature groups. The central theme of the Ubuntu Wild Workshops is to relate the human experience to the ecological principle of connectivity. The workshop teaches awareness of self, others and the environment through a series of stimulating exercises in a breathtaking natural African Setting.

The Ubuntu Wild Workshop is offered for a minimum of 6 participants.